You enter your credit card 2020 Santa Be Like shirt. That means Jean-Raymond isn’t saddled with thousands of units he might need to put on sale. As he explained to WWD last year: “You click buy, they make it, and you have it at your door in six days. And that involves very little water usage, no waste of any fabrication. I think that’s what we’re going to move to. It’s going to be made to order, no inventory, and brands are going to have to start creating experiences.”Jean-Raymond has become known for the experiences.

2020 Santa Be Like shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

2020 Santa Be Like shirt(Classic Ladies)

2020 Santa Be Like shirt(Unisex Tee)

2020 Santa Be Like shirt(Unisex Sweatshirt)

2020 Santa Be Like shirt(Long Sleeved)

2020 Santa Be Like shirt(Unosex Hoodie)

A smart person would pack basics to travel with—yet I, for some reason, chose to pack my loudest printed shirts. I have been wearing them every day to clock in, as though it is a classic black blazer 2020 Santa Be Like shirt. Every sunrise, I slip on one of these maximalist pieces, ready to shock and awe my coworkers on Zoom. A blinding flame-print shirt one day! A trippy patchwork paisley the next! Since Zoom is all about what you wear on your upper-half, my statement tops have also been a clever distraction to the fact that, right now, I actually own very little clothing. This week, I documented five days of these bold, brazen tops (Minimalists, beware.) I had fun dressing them up with some of my favorite summer pieces—from cargo shorts to sleek sunglasses and jewelry. Below, a look at how I got dressed for WFH.

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  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    My order arrived on time. The material is awesome, the design is superb and I can’t thank you enough! I’m grateful and I look forward to ordering some more shirts from you guys!

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